Five Things in the Medicine Cabinet ~ 

Busy summer days and nights: summer is a fun time but it’s no time to forget about a little self-care. All it takes is a regular routine of just a couple minutes to happily bookend each day. Many products contain ingredients that can be harmful or damaging to our bodies and our surroundings. Clean, healthy ingredients can boost our skin…

Five Local Beers for Summer

 Article and Photography Firkin Ron  Summer has arrived! Summer activities like sunbathing, surfing, volleyball, biking, barbecuing, and gardening work up a sweat and parched throat. Here are five local beers for summer that can help you reinvigorate after being outdoors. They are all lower in alcohol but huge in flavor.  About the author: Firkin Ron is a craft beer enthusiast and…


I am so grateful to consider my house a sanctuary. My space is serene and beautiful and contemplative. It’s quiet. There are fountains and flowers and birds outside all my windows which are usually kept open, allowing the beauty of nature to unfold itself into the lifestyle of my home. I consider my living space sacred. It is my respite—the…


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