Your Skin Will Thank You!

In this season of cranberries, pumpkin lattes, and hearty soups ~ as we happily feed our cravings, it’s our skin that sometimes suffers. As the seasons change, the stress sometimes rises with the holidays coming. More baked and sugary treats are out to tempt us, and it can be these things that cause our skin to look dull, tired, or…

Angel House a Charity to Watch

 Article Lindsay Linegar  In December 2016, Lifestyle Publications partnered with the nonprofit organization, Angel House to open a home for orphans in India. Thanks to their dedication and the generosity of donors, the magazine has helped 50 street children gain access to a better life, and hope for a future.  Here at San Clemente Lifestyle Magazine, we were excited to…

Veterans Funds

 Article Kevin Richards  Many older war-era veterans and surviving spouses over the age of 65 across America are missing out on a major element in securing their retirements: the Aid and Attendance benefit for long-term care.  The Aid and Attendance benefit is available to veterans and their spouses to help offset recurring medical costs and some of the costs for…

Men’s Skin needs Love too!

 Article and Photography Lisa Brill    Plant-based, 100% natural, and purely authentic.

Murf Bikes: So Fun They Sell Themselves

Murf Electric Bikes is a local E-Bike shop, run by Josh Jones and Alan Kang. It began with Jones in the Summer of 2016 and has since managed to become a storefront success.

Get A Scoop Of This

Four years ago, Mike and Lisa Dove were on a mission to help their daughter. The teenager had been struggling with skin issues throughout high school and was encouraged to try out a gluten free diet. As she prepared to leave for college, she realized it would be too expensive to enjoy sweet treats that were also gluten free. Mike…

And The Winner Is?

If you’re looking for a way to increase your fitness and health in a fun environment, Orangetheory Fitness can help. If you’re looking for a program to help you “Be the best version of you,” the Orangtheory Fitness 6 Week Challenge is the way to go.