Mrs Pucker Thanks the Earth!

At Pucker Urban Farm there are many things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, but the most important one is thanking the Earth that provides for us. We make a commitment to show our gratitude 365-days a year with our sustainable, organic farming practices.

Mrs Pucker in The Kitchen!

Pucker Urban Farm is an organic lemon farm located in the hills of San Juan Capistrano, California. Their organic lemons are picked directly from their trees and made into an easy to use, nutritionally beneficial four-ounce drink. It is this process that created the newly popular Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon Shot.

Skin is the Only Thing You’ll Wear for the Rest of Your Life.

 Article and Photography Lisa Brill  Healthy Skin is Always In  ~  Let’s lighten up the makeup ~ it’s summer! A naturally glowing complexion, along with a little sun-kissed skin, can feel fresh and healthy in that summer outfit. Too much sun can be harmful, but a little sunshine can feed the body with mood-stabilizing Vitamin D. 

What is Nanotechnology and How does it Affect our Health

 Article and Photography Gia Luciano  Integrated Healthcare Solutions has added two new products in their nutritional division to offer you alternative choices when it comes to maintaining your health.  Our Urban Bio Lemon Drink is created with our organic lemon juice, lemon peel and Nano emulsified hemp oil in an easy to use four-ounce cup. We utilize Nano Technology to break…

Your Skin Will Thank You

Fruits and vegetables are important to anyone’s diet, partially because they contain antioxidants - the benefits of which, are abundant. Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon Shot(™) is a fantastic source of antioxidants, because our organic lemon shot consists of the peel, pith, pulp and seeds of the lemon.

Will Your Knee Pain End in a Total Knee Replacement?

 Article MICHELLE OCELNIK, MA, ATC, CSCS  One of the most common causes of knee pain in adults over 50 is osteoarthritis or “OA,” a degenerative disease where the cartilage in a joint wears down, causing pain, stiffness and disability.  At greatest risk are those who are overweight, sedentary, have a family history of osteoarthritis and anyone with a prior knee injury…

Welcome Spring

 Hello, April ~ We’re ready for you!  Who are we? We’re Qēt Botanicals, (pronounced “keet”) and we’re formulators and purveyors of the nationally award-winning plant-based face, body, and hair eco-products. We use certified organic ingredients, sustainable methods, and proudly hand-craft all of our products from scratch - without a single drop of anything synthetic, artificial or harmful. And we wouldn’t have…

The Power of Vitamin C

Alfred E. Newman had it right when he said: “We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.” 

Pucker Up

Pucker Urban Farm is a lush boutique farm tucked into the hills of San Juan Capistrano. We grow certified organic lemons, with which we have created a beverage more fresh and resourceful than one can imagine. Our signature product is Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon Shot - a drink that uses the peel, pith, seeds and pulp from our locally grown lemons.…

Going To The Chapel

It's that time of the year when the man of your dreams gets on one knee to ask you one of the most important questions of your life. You, with love in your heart, tears in your eyes and a joyful giggle say {because let’s be honest, you have been WAITING for this day to happen and it’s FINALLY here}…"YES!…