And the Winner’s Are

 San Clemente Lifestyle  Readers’ Choice Awards  San Clemente has spoken, and across 16 categories, they've decided who their local favorites are!  Best Burgers

It’s All in The Crust

When she was a young girl, all Susie Hogue wanted to be when she grew up was a stay-at-home-mom and wife. Indeed, she married young and had three children by the time she was 24. There was only one hitch after she got hitched and became a mother. Susie jokes that she couldn’t even boil water at that point. She…

Red Tide Drifts into San Clemente

The opening of Drift Distillery has been a long time coming. More than 20 years ago, while Ryan and Lesli Winter were still engaged, they visited San Clemente. “One day, we were sitting on the pier, eating lunch and talking and we were like, we gotta move here,” recalls Ryan.

Lost my Bearings

Ever since his parents allowed he and his brother to try beer brewing when he was 17, Tim Thralls has been passionate about it. Growing up in rural Temecula in the 1980’s, Tim says his family was big on building things with their own two hands. This enterprising spirit, combined with his love for brewing beer led him on a…

The Soul of Surf

“First thing I want to do is remind you I’m from the past,” says Henry Ford, as we began the interview. The San Clemente Lifestyle team met with Ford and Jim Habig in North Beach to hear about the importance of preserving the area’s classic surf culture.

A Farm to Table Experience

We are so lucky to live in the State of California where the vast majority of our nation's produce is grown. The inspiration for our Farm to Table event was no further than our local Sunday Farmer’s Market. So many colorful fruits and vegetables, Mother Nature’s rainbow. It was then I decided that we needed to incorporate as many colors…

How Do Pictures Speak to You?

You know that old phrase about a picture being worth a thousand words? Well, the reason it’s true is that when we see an image our brains immediately start processing what we are seeing. In fact, the visual cortex processes images 60,000 times faster than text alone. Images trigger a dialogue between you and your inner psyche. And whether we…