Farming Organic is a way of saying thank you to the earth.

At Pucker Urban Farm there are many things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, but the most important one is thanking the Earth that provides for us. We make a commitment to show our gratitude 365-days a year with our sustainable, organic farming practices.

Some of the ways we show our love every day is through our 100% certified organic pledge, our sustainable composting practices, and our water and energy conservation efforts.

Being 100% certified organic means our lemons are grown free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and are not genetically modified. We take this very seriously in ensuring these high standards are always met.

Composting is an important practice in our farm to replenishing and revitalizing the soil which is good for the Earth for several reasons. Not only does this save water by helping the soil hold moisture but it benefits our environment by recycling organic waste and conserving landfill space. Basically, compost acts as a natural fertilizer by enriching the soil with nutrients and eliminating harmful pesticides, herbicides, and toxic metals to the Earth.

Through our water and energy conservation efforts that include drip-irrigation and solar energy, we’re able to reduce the reliance of fossil fuels which release harmful chemicals and pollution into the environment.

By taking care of our home, planet Earth, we are ensuring the wellbeing for current and future generations and that is something we can be proud of and thankful for!

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