How Your Contribution To Family Assistance Ministries (FAM) Can Change The Lives Of Others In Our Community

Family Assistance Ministries (FAM) has been serving this community since 1999 with Hunger and Homeless Prevention services. From food, case management to housing stability and Homeward Bound FAM helps each client create their own workable solution. We cannot do it without this caring group of donors and volunteers. Thank you for helping us help the most vulnerable in our community.


Childcare for homeless shelter moms and dads with children while attending life skills workshops or job search.


Food and personal care items for two families for a month.


Keeping the lights and water on for two families for a month.


Seven 30-day bus passes to help clients’ employment-related travel.

A personal FAM story (names have been changed): Tom and Amy & children – 

Tom’s an auto mechanic. With their five growing children to feed and clothe, his wages don’t always stretch as far as they’d like. Several years ago, he started having pain in his knee. He was diagnosed with a benign tumor and had surgery, but he never fully recovered. He has to be on his feet all day. In spite of the constant pain, he’s faithfully gone to work to support his family. The doctor recommended a complete knee replacement, but it was a long time before our medical insurance gave the okay. They saved the money to pay their expenses during the time he’d be off work. The knee replacement surgery was successful. However, they had no idea it would be months before he would be back on his job—in fact, four and a half long months! Amy couldn’t find a job. Their savings were soon gone. Now, with their income completely cut off, they feared that they’d be evicted. 

“I just can’t begin to think what would have happened to us without FAM and our church.  They worked together to help with our rent. I’m very thankful for all the help our family received through FAM.  We’re truly appreciative.” exclaimed Amy.

Know someone in need or want to donate? 


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