Using the Lemon Shots to Create Dishes in the Kitchen

Pucker Urban Farm is an organic lemon farm located in the hills of San Juan Capistrano, California. Their organic lemons are picked directly from their trees and made into an easy to use, nutritionally beneficial four-ounce drink. It is this process that created the newly popular Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon Shot.

The lemon shot contains the entire lemon including the peel, pith, seeds and pulp. Unlike traditional juicing, which only contains the juice of the lemon, the addition of the peel and the pith adds Pectin, Vitamin C, and D-Limonene. These nutritional staples greatly help those suffering from bleeding gums, acid reflux, and gastrointestinal issues.

Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon Shot is not only nutritionally beneficial but is also low in calories. In fact, the lemon shot contains no preservatives, no sugars, and is only two calories!

This makes it the perfect additive to your diet and wellness journey as it can be used to create marinades, dressings, and more. Just add one Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon Shot with your favorite herbs and voila! A low calorie and nutritionally beneficial dressing for your salad!

Not only can Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon Shot be used to create a low-calorie salad dressing, but it also makes the perfect substitute for fattening high-calorie marinades. Soak your desired meat in Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon Shots for twenty minutes to achieve that zesty lemon flavor!

The best part? It’s only two calories with zero fat and salt content! Let Mrs. Pucker help you avoid unnecessary calories! It’s time to go above conventional juicing and unlock the power of the peel.

Just shake, open and pour to kick-start your healthcare journey today!

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