Dan Bane for City Council

I am a lead attorney in the current lawsuit to stop the Toll Road, a business owner, and former San Clemente Planning Commissioner.

As your City Councilmember, my first priority will be the careful and responsible use of your tax dollars. I will also focus on solutions-based leadership that keeps our neighborhoods safe and our beaches clean. Common sense solutions are needed that deliver safe neighborhoods for families to live, vibrant commercial districts for businesses to flourish, and accessible, first-class beaches and trails for all residents to enjoy.

My wife and I truly love San Clemente; the people and the city. We know that San Clemente deserves solutions-based leadership and a fresh perspective. I intend to;

●      Stop the Toll Road;

●      Make public safety a priority;

●      Work towards a permanent storage facility for the nuclear waste being stored at SONGS, far away from our beach community;

●      Address the impacts of sober living homes on residential neighborhoods;

●      Get our City’s skyrocketing litigation budget under control;

●      Demand regional solutions to address the growing transient problem;

●      Promote the adaptive reuse/preservation of historic resources;

●      Bring critically needed emergency medical services back to San Clemente;

●      Create an environment for our local businesses to thrive.


Getting to know Dan:

Favorite beach?

North beach – Not only did my wife and I get married at the Ole Hanson Beach Club, but it’s one of my niece and nephew’s favorites.

Where did you go to school?

University of Missouri

Where did you get your law degree?


Is that where you met your wife?

No! She interviewed me for my first gig out of law school.

What’s your favorite thing about Sheyanne?

Her smile. All day.

Best place in town for a date night out?

The Cellar

Favorite local brewery?

Too tough – I love Lost Winds and Left Coast.

The best place to get a breakfast burrito?

Pipes Cafe – number 1.

Favorite lunch spot?

Humphreys Sandwiches.

Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Ice cream!!


South Swell – my niece’s favorite.

Dog beach? Yes or No?


Coffee or tea?


Latte or Americano?


Favorite Musician?

Chris Stapleton

Baseball or hockey?


But didn’t you play baseball in college?

Yeah – but honestly, hockey is more fun to watch.

Hockey or football?


Rams or Chargers?


One thing most people don’t know about you.

I am a pilot, and I won Player of the Year for the Kansas City metro area over Albert Pujols in High School (circa. 1998).

Avocado toast or French toast?

Avocado toast – My wife and I love going to The Cellar for breakfast before work.

Why are you running for City Council?

I want San Clemente’s reputation as a warm and welcoming beach town to be reflected in my service as Councilmember. I want to be an approachable and attentive steward of our town’s vision for the future and will work to ensure that your voice is heard. It is time for consensus building and solution-based governance.

Where can people learn more about you and get connected?

Visit my website, DanBaneSC.com and find me on Facebook and Instagram: Dan Bane For San Clemente.