Just a few short years ago, the words “stem cell” carried a heavy reputation in the minds of so many Americans, a weight that bordered on revulsion. With the passage of time, however, research has shown us all that initial misconceptions were undeserved. Advancements in this field of medicine are nothing short of miraculous – and it’s available right here in Orange County.

Restor Health Institute (RHI) is one of very few facilities in the region offering this kind of treatment to help with conditions like a recurring pain in the back, neck, shoulders, and knees, osteoarthritis, and even neuropathy, just to name a few.

“Most Americans will suffer from some kind of joint or back pain in their lives,” says one RHI injecting neurosurgeon. “Patients suffering chronic pain who were once hopeless now have a non-surgical, affordable option available. Patients are amazed that one injection was the start of a pain-free life.”

RHI’s latest treatments may keep things from getting that far, a big deal for Southern California.

These cells are the building blocks of life and though they can be found in many places on the body, like wisdom teeth and bone marrow, the most effective treatment comes from mothers who donated umbilical tissue after Cesarean section procedures. Like any other tissue being transplanted, the donated cells need to be free of potential contaminants and cellular debris. Umbilical cord cells are the only source guaranteed to be sterile.

The world over, doctors and researchers use donated cells to regrow skin for burn victims, replace heart and brain tissue, and even grow whole organs for donation. Even the Vatican has invested time and money into researching the benefits of this revolutionary research. RHI pain management doctors are making it available and affordable right here at home.

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