Nano emulsified hemp oil

Why is our cream transdermal and not topical?

Our transdermal hemp oil cream penetrates the lipid barrier of your skin in order to reach the pain receptors in your body. This makes our cream more absorbable and effective in comparison to topical creams which cannot successfully pass through the outer layer of your skin.

We use Nano technology to break down the crystal isolate form of CBD into millions of particles in order to create our transdermal emulsified hemp oil. We add traditional Chinese herbs, menthol, and arnica in order to increase circulation and provide a cooling effect whilst reducing bruising and inflammation.

Our cream contains 112mg of Nano emulsified hemp oil which is equivalent to 1120 mg of standard hemp oil. Therefore, it effectively reduces localized pain, inflammation and skin irritations.

The best news is anyone can use it because there is NO THC in our cream and we have certificates of analysis to prove it.

Our face cream contains 56 mg of organic fruit-based Nano emulsified hemp oil (CBD). CBD contains both antioxidants and neuroprotective properties. In fact, it is more powerful than both Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Therefore, it has been shown to slow the aging process by inhibiting oxidation stress at the cellular level. It has also been used for diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, brightening skin, and restoring moisture and suppleness.

Once again, anyone can use our cream because it has NO THC!

Our products can be purchased at Piazza Wellness in Dana Point and OC Cryocare in Laguna Woods. Or visit our website and order online today: Integrated Healthcare Solutions 800-821-8006