Skin is the Only Thing You’ll Wear for the Rest of Your Life. 3

Healthy Skin is Always In  ~

Let’s lighten up the makeup ~ it’s summer! A naturally glowing complexion, along with a little sun-kissed skin, can feel fresh and healthy in that summer outfit. Too much sun can be harmful, but a little sunshine can feed the body with mood-stabilizing Vitamin D. 

Summer style is in full swing. Rather than slather on the synthetics, it’s recommended and beneficial to feed the skin with nourishing and wholesome ingredients it loves.

How can we get that natural glow? Self-tanners are often filled with synthetics. Many of these chemicals can actually darken age spots and increase hyperpigmentation.   

Let’s get that glow on and be healthy ~ the natural way!

Skin is not an accessory ~ it’s a living, protecting, sweating and detoxifying organ. Feed it with real skin food. Here’s how: 

Cleanse ~ deeply, thoroughly, but not harshly. Our cleansing oils will remove sweat, makeup, and sunscreen without upsetting the acid mantle.

Exfoliate ~ gently and regularly. We have clay and herbal options to slough off the dead cells which allow the serums to do their job.

Hydrate + Moisturize the Skin ~ there is a difference and the skin knows it. Our botanical waters and serums cover both bases.

Following this little self-care routine can be the difference between decent skin and divine skin.

Skincare is self-care, and self-care is not vain, it’s necessary! Every time we use our favorite cleanser, serum, and mask, let’s inhale the benefit of each ingredient. Those few minutes morning and night are some of the most important moments we can create for ourselves.

Treat your skin like your best friend ~ it will love you for it.