When you first walk through the doors of Fiorina, you immediately feel at home. A warm greeting awaits as you hear welcoming music, breathe in luxurious Fiamma candle scents, and most importantly, see endless eye candy almost screaming to be brought home with you. Owner Nikki Vitale and her wonderful staff have a mission: to make women feel comfortable and confident.

In April 2018, Nikki Vitale opened Fiorina’s doors in San Clemente. After having 15 years of successful business in the San Gabriel Valley, the fashion boutique has expanded its mission on Avenida Del Mar.

A place where girlfriends break away to have fun trying on one-of-a-kind pieces, Fiorina welcomes women of all shapes and sizes. Vitale and Melody Vance, store director of the San Clemente Fiorina, ensure a second-to-none experience. Their biggest goal is to establish an atmosphere that will create long-lasting relationships and build self-confidence.

This goal began when Vitale felt there was no place in the San Gabriel Valley where one could find the perfect clothing piece and have premium customer service. Taking the matter into her own hands, Vitale opened Fiorina as an answer to this void she saw.

Ever since the San Gabriel Valley location opened, Vitale has worked endlessly to build confidence in her clients by being open, honest and sincere in her work. Feeling a need to expand her goal beyond her first location, she felt San Clemente was the perfect spot to continue her work.

In reference to her mission at Fiorina, Vitale says, “We’re all about building relationships.” With smiles on everyone’s face as they walk out of the fashion boutique, the determined staff making everyone feel welcome, even having a water bowl for pets feeling a little quenched.

Not only does Fiorina build confidence and relationships with its clients, but with those whose items they’re selling as well. Fiorina carries inventory from local artisans seeking a platform for their creations. These little treasures are scattered throughout the store, from Fiamma’s all-natural soy candles to unique, hand-made Screaming Peacock jewelry.

In addition to collaborating with local artisans, Fiorina supports clothing brands made in the USA. Some of these brands found on Fiorina’s clothing racks are Michael Stars, Three Dots, Hudson, and AG Jeans. Knowing where these beautiful pieces were made only further enhances the shopper’s experience, making them feel good about what they put in their shopping bag.

Fiorina also carries quality brands made internationally. The shop’s collection includes leather bags from Venture Leather: a sustainable company that brings stunning leather bags all the way from the hands of those in Uganda and India.

From the moment women step into Fiorina until they walk outside and back onto Avenida Del Mar, they feel confident knowing they did not only do good for their themselves but for the artisans and companies they are supporting as well. Vitale has created a dynamic, layered experience of helping women feel empowered about where they choose to shop.

Even if girlfriends simply want to catch up with one another and sip on coffee, Fiorina is the perfect place. With a small back lounge, cozy chairs, and beverages always available, Fiorina is an open environment that celebrates women and provides a place for them to do so. Vitale, Vance and Fiorina’s staff want to inspire women to build their relationships with one another and with themselves.

If you find yourself strolling on Avenida Del Mar after a beach trip, good meal, or window shopping, stop by Fiorina and start your journey of doing good and feeling even better than before you walked into Fiorina’s doors.

Fiorina is very active on social media with the latest news, events, and sales taking place. To find out more about Fiorina, visit ShopFiorina.com, Fiorina’s Facebook page, or  @shopfiorina on Instagram.