Of course, we’re cruelty-free ~ we love our furry friends too much!

At Qēt Botanicals, we’re all about plant-based skincare. We’re also passionate about cruelty-free ingredients.

Qēt naturally offers relief to various skin complexions. That being said, our furry friends can sometimes have skin issues, too. Rather than slather on synthetics, we rely on our botanical treatments. We don’t test on animals, but sometimes we pamper our pets with a little Qēt.

Meet Dodge, our 14 year-old Boston Terrier; Chance, our 12-ish year-old rescue; and Posie, our two year-old Frenchie. Here are our favorite treatments (and theirs!) that we’ve shared with our furry friends:

Lavender Powder Dry Shampoo ~ Organic powders and crushed lavender flowers help keep those wrinkles on those little noses and skin folds clean and dry.

Balancing Toning Water with Melissa, Cucumber and Rose Geranium ~ Ears are prone to catching debris, impurities, and even sand. This pH balanced water from botanicals cools and gently cleans the delicate ear fold.

Fresh Body Oil ~ Add a tiny amount to scaly feet and hot spots from bug bites or itchy skin to soothe chapped and irritated skin.

These are some of our favorites that we’ve used on our own little critters. Of course, check with your vet for any medical concerns and test on small areas before use. This would be the only time that we would promote animal testing… on your own animals before pampering. 

A furry friend can add sparkle to our lives ~ it’s important to feed them right and keep the synthetics off of their bodies and out of our environment.

As the saying goes… “It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our lives that matters.” This goes for feet and paws alike.

Cheers to clean ingredients!