Featuring artist, Mary Scott

The 17th Annual Paint San Clemente happened at the end of June, starting with the Quick Draw on June 23rd. For three hours, plein air painters painted different scenes around the San Clemente Art Gallery, Del Mar and the pier bowl for the Quick Draw. Congratulations to George Trimm for winning the competition, and to everyone who participated.

Each year, the San Clemente Art Association puts on the exciting Paint San Clemente event. A maximum of 100 painters create a buzz in the heart of San Clemente, setting up their easels around town. Many of the artists enjoy painting the pier, the ocean and various architectural treasures throughout the city.

This year’s chairman of Paint San Clemente, Mary Scott, with the exception of the Quick Draw, was also a participant. Scott, also chairman of the San Clemente Art Gallery, has been painting for 10 years and has been part of the San Clemente Art Association for five. Having provided two beautiful covers for San Clemente Lifestyle Magazine already, we were thrilled to talk with and learn more about the artist.

Scott used to draw as a child but says she lost touch with it over time. Ever inspired by her brother, Don Dixon, she got back into art as an adult. Scott loves bright colors and the ocean, both of which provide inspiration for her paintings. Spending Saturdays boogie boarding in Newport Beach as a child is part of what nurtured her love for the ocean.

Along with her husband and two boys, Scott relocated to San Clemente from San Diego about six years ago. She has found San Clemente to be a place with plenty of pretty subjects to paint, from interesting architecture to breathtaking views of the ocean.

Though these scenes make up much of her artwork, Scott also enjoys painting other subjects like guitars, cars and chickens. Some of her work also portrays themes around fantasy and space. She says the bright colors she uses might not be traditional in the art world, but she gets joy from them.

“I like the viewer to look at my paintings and feel happy,” says Scott. “I like to make my images fun.”

Currently, Scott is looking forward to trying out pastels. She has typically used acrylic, oil and airbrushing for her work, but she wants to play around with something different. She wants to take classes from a friend at the SC Art Gallery, and be able to better participate in sessions with a Sketch Group at the gallery. Scott says it usually takes her around three hours to complete a painting, while the others in the group finish in two.

While painting in the 2018 Paint San Clemente event, Scott spent about three hours on each painting as well. She spent her time either on the north or south side of the pier, in the sand. Scott always enjoys painting the pier, with waves and people in the foreground. She receives much praise for the detail in her waves, especially with the seafoam.

For the event, Scott used oil paints. She says oil gives more blendability and takes longer to dry than acrylic. Oil also makes it easier to deal with the various elements that can stick to the painting. Painting plein air has its challenges and takes a lot of energy. All parts of the subject – the sun, tides, clouds, etc. – are ever changing. Even though challenging and tiring, Scott loves it.

You can see her work on display regularly at the San Clemente Art Gallery. You can also visit MaryScottArt.com for more information on the artist. Mary Scott also was the artist for our December 2017 cover and our July 2018 cover.