“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea,
Drink the wild air’s salubrity.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The word “salubrious” means favorable to health or well-being. This passage from Emerson’s famous poem Merlin’s Song, is most often quoted without the final word – salubrity; to the reader’s detriment. Not only does this one little word give greater significance to the wild air one drinks, it also rhymes with “sea”! 

Like this passage, there is so much more to summer in San Clemente than typically meets the eye. It’s true our city streets buzz with warmth and possibility, and our coastline and pier host thousands of happy feet in the summertime. But that’s not where our summer’s beauty ends.

Take plein air painting, for example. Have you ever walked along the beach trail and noticed an easel propped up in the sand, with an artist hard at work? If you saw someone painting the pier at the end of June, it’s likely they were participating in the 17th annual Paint San Clemente event. This issue features Mary Scott, this year’s Chairman and regular participant of Paint San Clemente. Scott talks challenges and joys of painting plein air, among other things. 

San Clemente is also swimming in salubrious youth. Through organizations like Lion’s Heart Teen Volunteer Organization, Community Outreach Alliance and Team Zissou Environmental Organization; our young people are showing us how big their hearts are to serve others in need. 

As you soak up the summer sun this August, we hope you’ll be inspired to unearth beauty and goodness you never knew existed in San Clemente. We would love to hear about what you find! May that beauty, goodness, and the wild air’s salubrity bring you joy.

Happy Summer, San Clemente!

Lindsay Linegar