Inspiring Ways To Get Involved

For centuries, the greatest thinkers have suggested the very notion that “Happiness is found in helping others”. Here in San Clemente, we are seeing kids and teens be leaders in the community, sharing their time and talents to make a significant difference for others over and over again. These three incredible organizations offer kids and teens fun, meaningful and impactful opportunities to get involved and stay involved in inspired causes that need help right in our town. Whether your child is just discovering the joy of volunteering or is curious about a specific cause, these three incredible organizations are a perfect start to that journey and ones that they will be proud to support.

How Can I Get Started?

Lions Heart Teen Volunteer Organization

Lions Heart is a national non-profit with local chapters dedicated to finding opportunities for middle school through high school teens to give back to their community. They work with local non-profits to find student-friendly volunteer opportunities and send them directly to our members. This is a perfect way to get started volunteering with friends and family. Teens have the freedom to choose their favorite places to serve – anything from helping animals at shelters, to supporting our military, to cleaning up beaches or parks, to working at food pantries. The San Clemente Chapter currently has over 20 groups and 250+ members. For more information visit

How Can I Use My Talents?

COA – Community Outreach Alliance

Community Outreach Alliance (COA) is a group dedicated to providing positive opportunities for all ages.

Their mission is to keep our youth involved and focused on positive activities, giving them the tools to become strong leaders and away from the dangers of peer pressure. They offer a large range of free activities including yoga, fishing trips, paddle boarding, piano and guitar classes, comedy nights, tennis, SUP, video gaming events. They are always looking for kids and teens that share these interests to be mentors that organize and participate in these events. For more information on how your teen can get involved and volunteer call 949-388-0114 or visit

How Can I Help The Environment?

Team Zissou Environmental Organization

Team Zissou Environmental Organization started in 2016 by Jackson Hinkle, a recent graduate of San Clemente High School. Their purpose is to promote conservation of the environment and climate while supporting efforts that move towards building a more sustainable community. This organization has grown in such a short time with local chapters that schedule and coordinate volunteer events, create educational opportunities for high school students and community members and direct sustainable campaigns our team sees as relevant and worthwhile. Get involved with beach clean-ups, learn about our environment and have fun with friends. You can find out more about Team Zissou on Facebook or on Instagram @teamzissouglobal.