Three Dog Bakery

The aroma of freshly baked goods wafts from the oven. Tiny, decorated cakes, colorful muffins, and pretzeled treats are displayed in the front case. All handcrafted for pups! Three Dog Bakery, 174B Avenida Del Mar, wholly embraces the spirit of the dog. Co-owners since 2012, Denise O’Donnell and Lauren Paquette, joyfully revel in the expression “It’s a dog’s life.” Every pup through the door receives a snuggle, a treat, and a photo. “95% of our Facebook page is devoted to our four-legged customers,” says O’Donnell. Visit the bakery for a printed list of dog friendly spots in town.

S.C. Cafe

S.C. Café, 1810 El Camino Real, is a quaint hideaway south of the 5. The stellar quality of their food is no secret. Neither is the fact that pups are welcome to sit outside, as their owners scarf the best huevos rancheros this side of the border. S.C. Café, owned by the Abi-Loutfi family since 1998, is a local landmark. The patio is surrounded by magenta bougainvillea, bustles with customers, and is equipped with water bowls for visiting pups. “Our family has adopted three dogs,” says Nicole Abi-Loutfi. “We consider dogs part of a family so bring on the pups!”

Moldy Toes Records

Tom Rule, owner of Moldy Toes Records at 221 S. Ola Vista, has been immersed in the music business for 30 years, and a dog owner equally as long. The day Elvis died, Rule was employed at a record counter, but Moldy Toes is his domain and passion. His record wall at Moldy Toes is guarded by the famous RCA dog, Nipper. Rule stocks a vast, eclectic array of new & used records, CDs, and tapes as well as t-shirts, turntables, and books for customers to peruse. “Sandy feet and furry paws are always welcome at Moldy Toes!” says Rule.