Mrs Pucker’s Limon Mixer

Chill glass in the freezer, fill with ice

1 oz  premium vodka

2 oz  Mrs. Pucker’s Limon Mixer

fill to the brim with soda water


Non-Alcoholic Version

Chill glass in the freezer, fill with ice

4 oz Mrs. Pucker’s LImon MIxer

Fill glass with Perrier


Pucker Urban Farm is an organic lemon farm located in San Juan Capistrano, California and started operations in 2011. Due to its relatively small size, Mrs. Pucker realized the only way she could compete with larger commercial farming operations was to present the farm as a boutique family operation delivering the highest quality lemons and lemon products.

Because Mrs. Pucker’s lemons and lemon products are fresh off our trees, they naturally taste better and are better for your family. Using 100% Certified Organic Lemon Mixer is low in calories, no sugars added, no preservatives and helps hydrate your body while you drink and also slows down the alcohol into your bloodstream.