Fun is good. ~Dr. Seuss

As the warm glow of summer lights up July, there is no sweeter place to be than San Clemente! As the city observes the 4th of July, people come together with a strong sense of celebration and togetherness. From neighborhood barbecues to masses of people walking, talking and laughing their way to the pier for the fireworks show, Independence Day in San Clemente is always full of fun.

This month we also pay tribute to our local United States Marine Corps community. Our feature story tells of a San Clemente local who has dedicated his life to service in the military. But that’s not all. Colonel Jeffery J. Kenny – a 41-year Marine Corps veteran – is also an everyday hero as a loving father and husband.

We celebrate our holiday, we celebrate our Marines, and we celebrate all of you wonderful people of San Clemente! To everyone here in our beautiful beach town, may your month be full of sand between your toes, sparkles in your eyes, and joy in your hearts. 

Have fun, and Happy 4th of July!

Lindsay Linegar, Editor