Soulful Pet Portraits

Watercolor Pet Portraits by Michelle Delanty

Growing up in San Clemente, Michelle Delanty was influenced by her father, Rick Delanty, and attributes most of her passion for the arts to him. Michelle believes the arts can positively impact confidence, individuality and self-acceptance, and that this translates when teaching life skills such as time management, focus, perseverance, creativity and risk-taking. As a high school art teacher in Fountain Valley, Michelle incorporates these concepts into her classroom and strives to be a positive role model. She’s grateful for the opportunity she’s had to develop her artistic ability and use it to bring happiness to others through her paintings.

“Through watercolor, I believe my paintings, like this one of Gracie, successfully demonstrate the artistic recreation of the soul and idiosyncrasies of each pet. My favorite part of the process is painting the eyes because it is as if I have captured the unconditional love and support that animals provide to us every day.”   

Gracie, 2018, Watercolor on strathmore paper

“This painting of our family’s cat, Nala, demonstrates my artistic range of not only using natural colors, but imaginary colors as well. My goal is to create portraits that simultaneously portray the soul of the pet and represent the unconditional love they contribute to our lives.”

To see more of Michelle’s watercolor pet portraits, follow her on Instagram @watercolorpetportraits

Nala, 2018, Watercolor on strathmore paper