Backyard Summer Havens 2

Live more outdoors this season

An Aquatic Oasis

Pool parties aren’t just for kids anymore. There is no better way to unwind from the work week than sipping on refreshing drinks poolside and soaking up the summer sun with friends. Add a themed menu prepared right on your built-in BBQ grill and a colorful bar-car setup that allows everyone to tap into their inner mixologist and create unique custom cocktails. Don’t forget to throw in some fun floaties, we love the flamingo but the current available options seem to be endless so choose what speaks to you. 

Al Fresco Wine & Dine

Summer just wouldn’t be the same without a few al fresco wine and dine dinner parties. Treat friends and family to a unique dining experience by hosting an evening that includes dishes freshly prepared at your outdoor kitchen. Pair each dish with a wine to match and allow your guests to indulge on vino and delicious eats. The greatest joy of an al fresco dinner party prepared at an outdoor kitchen is that the host never has to be separated from their guests. 

Lounge in Luxury

An outdoor patio with luxurious lounging spaces makes enjoying that warm summer weather an everyday treat. Include plush, weatherproof outdoor furniture to create a backyard relaxation area that will make you never want to go inside the house again. We also suggest including a fire pit to really bring the patio space to life. The addition of a fire element always sets the mood for enjoying countless evenings spending quality time with friends while sipping on a glass of your favorite wine.