Movers & Shakers 9

Bill Redmond owner of BRO- Bill Redmond Orthodontics

Brilliant, Outgoing, Artistic… These are just a few traits that make him successful. His personable, inviting demeanor is only one of the many reasons people flock to his office to have their smiles perfected in ways that only he can. Patients often refer to him as an artist rather than an orthodontist due to his artistic eye transforming a patient’s teeth into a canvas as he tweaks, shifts and aligns them into an exquisite masterpiece. His outpouring love and appreciation for the San Clemente community shines through with his support for local schools and giving back to those less fortunate.

Dr. Moreno owner of MEDHERO Urgent Care & Telemedicine App

As an emergency physician in Southern California’s busy ERs, Dr. Moreno saw that the current model was failing. Patients average wait times were increasing by hours, and the majority of patients didn’t need the full capabilities of an expensive ER visit. With the impending closure of San Clemente’s hospital, he set out to establish a modern community based, ER Physician-led urgent care where patients felt truly taken care of. Utilizing the same treatment and evaluation methods he learned at USC Trauma Center and with the addition of the MEDHERO Telemedicine App, MEDHERO is bringing Urgent Care into a new Era.


1LAW owner Scott D. McDonald and A. Jason Velez

1LAW pride themselves on being a different kind of law firm. They live and work in San Clemente and do everything they can to make our town awesome! By choosing the lawyers at 1LAW you are supporting our community. Whether it’s Triton athletics, San Clemente little league, amateur surfing through the WSA, or coaching youth sports you’ll find Scott and Jason giving back to the community. As they like to say 1Town 1Team 1LAW.


Jeff Clinard Owner of Bear Coast Coffee

Jeff’s success, and his experience with Bear Coast has been shaped by two things: the desire to make sure their customers feel they are more important than the drinks they order, and the idea that Bear Coast is about more than coffee. So from that, Bear Coast’s staff has been fun, their Instagram has been silly, and their ability to donate time/coffee/and support to the surrounding community has been a natural outcropping. Jeff lives in town, and this is the best way he knows how to serve it. As he says, “It literally is the best.”


Al Rodriguez & Reed Hazard owners of Rodriguez Hazard Team

Reed and Al’s drive to succeed in the mortgage business comes from three things: desire to provide for their families, seeing those around them grow and creating financial freedom for their legacy. Family is everything to them, whether it is Reed’s wife & daughter or Al’s three daughters – nothing is more of a motivator. Their partnership works because it is based off over a decade of friendship and an aligned vision that true success comes from consistency, follow up and continual growth for everyone. Last year alone they helped over 325 families achieve the goal of homeownership!