Lifelong Dream Becomes a Reality 4

Fitness , expert practitioners & classes all in one place

The merging of Eastern and Western medicine in this 20th century health craze has struck California by storm over the past decade. Advances in science and technology have allowed researchers to discover new information for us to better understand how our bodies work. Health and fitness education has become increasingly valued by people interested in improving their lives. The health and wellness boom has drawn interest from customers and investors, but lack of regulation poses a threat to integral service. Many health and wellness services have surfaced without proper credentials. Founder of Piazza Wellness Center, Regina Piazza, a board certified nurse practitioner and certified personal trainer brings together the best credentialed professionals in the business at her state of the art facility located in Dana Point, California.

Regina Piazza graduated Summa Cum Laude from Vanderbilt University’s Nursing program where she earned two Master’s degrees and spent many years working as a nurse practitioner in critical care, trauma, labor and delivery, women’s health and infertility before becoming the health and fitness visionary she is today. Regina’s journey down this path toward health started after working many years of night shift as a nurse. The 12 hours shifts, poor eating habits, lack of sleep and no exercise finally caught up. She gained over 30 pounds, had high blood pressure and a list of abnormal lab tests. One day she realized she was the picture of “unhealthy”.  

Regina decided to hire a personal trainer, and over the course of twelve months had an amazing transformation, both mentally and physically. She decided to compete in her first NPC Figure competition on Memorial Day, exactly one year later and placed in the top five in the California state championship. She went on to qualify and compete as a National Level competitor, winning numerous competitions. This overwhelming change in health and physique changed the course of her life. She decided she wanted to help others in need to take that first step toward living a happy, healthy life.

Regina’s experience in the competition world along with her many years working in the healthcare field gave her the confidence and knowledge to start a business of her own. Playing sports in high school as well as teaching fitness classes gave her the experience necessary to be successful in helping others in many areas. Regina started this new journey by renting an office in San Juan Capistrano and starting her company, ShreddedFox, Inc, providing personal training, nutrition guidance as well as her own line of fitness apparel.

Her new business grew quickly and she realized her experience as a nurse practitioner combined with her background in fitness set her apart from other personal trainers. Her clients were confident knowing they had a trainer they could trust with a medical background to help train them safely and with an emphasis on injury prevention. Regina’s business continued to grow so she opened a small boutique training studio in Dana Point with the vision of one day having a larger center providing multiple resources to clients as a one stop shop for all health and wellness needs.

Regina opened Piazza Wellness Center in Dana Point as the mecca of all health and wellness needs in May of 2017. Piazza Wellness Center has everything available for the “whole person” – mind, body and soul. The practitioners at the center are experts in their field and they all have the same vision.

“Every client at our center is like a member of our family,” says Regina.

Piazza gets to know each person and based on that individual person, guides them and give suggestions about what will improve their lives. Every person is unique and because of that, no two people are alike in what they need. Piazza doesn’t want to be the massive center that loses sight of their vision. The center includes physical therapy, pilates, chiropractic, a spinal decompression table, beauty services, massage therapy and Structural Integration (SOMA). The center also offers personal training, training with The Gyrotonic® Method, which uses specialized pieces of gyrotonic equipment for strengthening, opening, balancing and releasing the body, Yamuna Ball Rolling, barre as well as a number of other fitness and restorative classes such as boxing and BOGA fit. Piazza also has specialty classes that cater to pregnant mamas, seniors and kids. Infrared sauna and a Fit 3D are just two of the other services available. A high end, boutique facility, Piazza Wellness Center is equipped with state of the art equipment, and a beautifully designed group exercise studio.

In Regina’s words, “I personally designed the center to be a home away from home, with a completely unique and individualized experience – a place where people will feel the positive energy when walking through the door. My vision was for PWC to be a trusted facility for the community, with expert practitioners in each of their fields, and a place where clients feel special, safe and taken care of. There are no words to express what it means that my vision is now a reality.”

The Piazza Wellness Center located in Dana Point, California is the product of a group of passionate professionals with years of experience used to craft their dream state of the art facility. Every service is customized to cater to each individual’s personal needs and goals. With premiere facilities and professionals, the ideal health and wellness center is nothing short of a dream come true for everything health and wellness.