Don’t Suffer from Acid Reflux 2

Do you suffer from digestive issues or acid reflux?


Mrs. Pucker’s  Lemon Shots are made from a magical fruit, organic lemons. Lemons are capable of changing from a highly acidic state to alkaline ash after being metabolized in your gut. Your body benefits from improved digestion, controlling acid reflux and alkalizing your body.


So how can this be? Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon shots use the entire lemon including the peel and pith of the lemon. Many powerful ingredients are in the skin of a lemon, D- Limonene, a natural cleanser, flavonoids, powerful antioxidants and pectin a is water soluble fiber. These natural ingredients are what sets our organic nutritional drink apart from lemon juice alone.


Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon Shots liquefy all the properties found in the skin of the lemon which allows your body to quickly absorb the nutrients lost when squeezing a lemon or digesting the zest from the skin.


The process begins with Vitamin C nourishing your gums. Then the lemon shot enters your stomach at a highly acidic state and immediately starts to work to digest your food. The liver and pancreas are stimulated from the increase in PH in your gut and responds producing additional digestive enzymes and bicarbonate, a natural antacid. Meanwhile, the gall bladder is working closely with the liver producing bile that helps break down fat which results in your small intestine absorbing more of the nutrients from your food before passing the remains into and out of the large intestine. No food is left behind to create gas or bloat.


Once the lemon is completely metabolized, alkaline ash remains and sends potassium, magnesium, and calcium into your circulatory system to create an alkalizing effect.


Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon Shots are a safe and natural way to keep your gut healthy and your body alkaline.

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