For Coffee Connoisseurs & More

Rapport Coffee by Cafe Smith is a local delight, dedicated to serving complex and consistently delicious coffee, that promotes work done by farmers and coffee roasters. The beans they serve are roasted in L.A. at Lab Coffee, and are included in a diverse range of creative drinks. They have everything from tea macchiatos to traditional cappuccinos. They also make a syrup from Cascara—the cherry that is removed from the coffee bean before roasting—which serves as a delicious addition to sparkling water or a latte.

I love afternoons at Rapport, because there is always something fabulous playing on the speakers, and a friendly barista who’s genuinely interested in how I’m doing. Its atmosphere perfectly embodies comfort and style.

Check out RapportCoffeeCS.Com

ICD Green, a Family Working, Creating and Staying Together

A daughter, Ivy. A mother, Crystal. A father, Dustin. And their shared surname, Green=ICD Green.

“I like the idea that a family who works and creates together, stays together, literally and spiritually,” says Crystal Green.

Launched in 2013, ICD Green is a small batch skincare/herbal remedy line created from mostly organic, wild crafted ingredients. Body mists, skin toner, and face serum all refresh and repair our outsides. Tinctures and teas work from the inside, easing common ailments like stress, anxiety, and digestive issues. All products are available at and in person at the new local market, Source Pop-up, on the 1st Sunday of every month from10 am-3 pm at 117 Cabrillo St, San Clemente

EPIC! Yoga: Empowering People, Inspiring Change

EPIC! is not just a surfer’s rallying cry anymore. At Epic Yoga, 1709 N. El Camino, it stands for Empowering People, Inspiring Change.

“We are deeply rooted in giving back,” says owner Kristen Shively. “For every membership we sell, we give 30 days of yoga to someone in need.”

The bright, spacious studio at Epic offers a broad spectrum of yoga classes, accommodating beginner to advanced yogis. There is an on-site, supervised area for children to play in while their parents work out. ($5 per child) Recessed in the back is a room allocated for sound healing and meditation classes.

A great way to discover what suits you best is Epic Yoga’s 30 days for $30.