Some of the women in this town who are fostering legacies of creativity, giving, and resilience.

The Author & Artist Consultant

Maria Brophy

Maria Brophy is a go-getter. In 2009 she started a blog after working as an art consultant, and when she realized how high the demand was for that knowledge, she decided to write a book.


Though Maria appears quite confident, she remembers being essentially paralyzed by insecurity.


“I started and stopped it so many times…I’m glad I didn’t give in to my fear.”


Also glad, are the artists who’ve had their careers saved. Her book: Art, Money, Success, was published in 2017 and has been featured on the Amazon Bestseller list. She’s currently working on her next book.


Visit MariaBrophy.Com

The Planner Extraordinaire

Stephanie Fleming

Me & My Big Ideas is the name of Stephanie Fleming’s craft and stationary company, which she founded with her mom 20 years ago.


What started with a few sticker designs sold at trade shows and markets, became the company that launched The Happy Planner, which has caught the attention of Michaels, Wal-Mart, and others.


“We didn’t expect it to be quite as successful as it was, but that’s what happens when you put your heart into what you do,” she said.


That heart has helped her become the confident and diligent entrepreneur she is today.


Visit TheHappyPlanner.Com and MeAndMyBigIdeas.Com

The Dentist

Dr. Kristen Ritzau

Kristen Ritzau (DDS) has a lot of gratitude for her grandparents, who moved from the Midwest to San Clemente in the 1950’s. Six decades later, Kristen owns and operates a dental office that has service and community as its core values. Since the office opened in 2012, Shoreline Dental has given over $100,000 worth of charitable giving, from school donations to free dental care for veterans.


“I liked the idea of being invested in people’s lives rather than just treating a problem,” she said.


For more about Shoreline Dental, go to ShorelineDentalStudio.Com

The Artistic Chef

Missy Will

Missy Will maintains a consciousness that blesses her guests.


“I am responsible for that experience from the minute a guest gets in their car, until they get back in their car. I leave no stone unturned.”


After being inspired to follow her heart, by her late mother, Missy became a professionally trained chef and wine specialist at Laguna Culinary Arts School. Since then, she’s been cooking from her soul with ingredients like saffron, seafood, paprika, and sherry that are an ode to her love for Spain. We’re lucky she’s here in our little Spanish Village by The Sea.


Visit MissyWill.Com

The Inspiration Marketer

Alana Yarbrough

Alana Yarbrough is a Social Media Strategist, Consultant, and Content Creator. Four years ago, she picked up hand-lettering, and her social media became an intersection of art and compassion for others.


The idea sprung out of tragedy, after she had lost three close family members to sudden death.


“People are going through things everyday that most don’t realize…I just wanted to be a light.”


Her Instagram now has more than 10,000 followers, and her lettering has been featured both locally (Bear Coast Coffee) and nationally (Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Tombow, Shape, Women’s Health Mag).


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The Holistic Trainer

Regina Piazza

Regina Piazza is more than just a trainer. With two Masters in Nursing and nearly 20 years of nursing experience, she brings more to the table than weights.

She started to work out in 2010 to get back into shape and entered a fitness competition as a goal for herself. She competed form 2012-2106 and started training others during that time.

Because she believes in all around health, her dream was to have a center not only where people could train, but also be healed in every aspect. In 2017, her dream became a reality. in Dana Point

The Realtor

Lisa Adams

Lisa Adams has worked in the real estate industry for over 27 years to become a top realtor in Orange County. She has a long record of satisfied customers, impressive sales and numerous awards.

Lisa’s hard-working demeanor and warm personality continue to earn her real estate success. She is famous for her engaging, high-energy personality and dedication to successfully delivering what her clients want.

Her clients not only highly recommend this Orange County Realtor to others, but she’s known for becoming lifelong friends with her clients.