Alfred E. Newman had it right when he said: “We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.” 

By drinking Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon Shot (TM), you can consume lemons as they should be consumed: whole and fresh. This way you can get the full benefits of the fruit, including Vitamin C, which is more potent in the peel than in the juice. The peel contains twice as much Vitamin C, and three times as much fiber as lemon juice.

Vitamin C is known to be necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissue, including the formation of collagen, and the maintenance of cartilage, bone, and teeth. It’s involved in many of the body’s functions, and is an immune strengthener.

What also makes this nutrient so vital, is that it reduces the risk of cataract progression. The fluid inside the eye is naturally high in vitamin C, which helps prevent the oxidation that leads to a cloudiness in the eye’s lens. According to a study led by researcher Dr. Christopher Hammond from The Journal of Ophthalmology, a vitamin C-rich diet might provide extra protection against cataracts.

“The most important finding was that vitamin C intake from food seemed to protect against cataract progression,” according to Hammond, who is a professor of ophthalmology at Kings College London.

His study included more than 1,000 pairs of 60-year-old British female twins. The researchers found that those who took-in high amounts of vitamin C had a one-third lower risk of cataracts over 10 years. It’s crucial to note that according to the researchers, getting vitamin C via a supplement did not appear to reduce the risk. Turns out, the actual peel has the power to heal. 

So, get a hold of some Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon Shot (TM) — shake, open and drink up!