Contemporary Expressionism

“The reality of the scene is there in front of me to be explored,” says Susan Cox, House Artist at OC Contemporary Gallery. “However, I will strive to interpret the scene with expressive brushwork that does not create a copy but rather, creates movement with patterns of light and color.” 

5:00 – 6:00am: I usually get moving so that I can get non-painting tasks out of the way. 

About 9:00am: Start painting. Creativity and making things has always been a part of my life. Shoe boxes became doll houses when I was a child. I still look at junk and instantly start designing in my mind. I have recently started scanning hundreds of old 35mm slides; some going back to when I was 17, and bought my first Canon SLR. I’ve discovered a ton of new painting material in these slides. I digitally work up my “sketch” – altering composition, color lighting and remove or add things to the photo. I’ve increasingly moved away from a very realistic technique to a more painterly approach. My brushwork is my personal handwriting and really exhibits how proficient – or not, depending on how I feel – I am with the brush. Blending paint is much easier than showing a confident bold brush-stroke well placed in the composition.

About 2pm: I’m usually losing concentration about this time (yeah, because I didn’t have my “Wheaties” for breakfast, I guess!). I’ll run errands in the afternoon or do some gardening which usually wakes me up again. 

Late afternoon/early evening: I’ll have dinner early so that I can get more painting done in the evening.