21st Century Pictorialism

“My goal is to communicate story by exploring imaging in a new arena, one which is as different from photography as watercolor is from oil,” says Paul Lawrence, House Artist at OC Contemporary Gallery.

8:30am – 12pm: Take a shower to wake up. Walk the dog. He’s old, he’s deaf and blind and he’s the best dog in the world. Make breakfast for myself and often for my wife, Betty Fuhrman.

12:00pm: I get out into the studio. If I’m working on a project, I put an image up on the computer, then I start to play with it. There are a dozen programs that it may go through, depending on what I’m doing. Sometimes I’m working with a picture that’s years old, and sometimes I’m working with something brand new. I look to see if there’s communication between the image and me. If there is, then I work with it that day. If there isn’t, I move on. I work until I feel like I’ve accomplished all I can with the image for the day or until I’m bored with it. The process takes as long as it takes. It’s a dialogue – between me and, for want of a better word, nature. The secret is that the more I do, the more there is revealed to me.

4:00pm – 7:00pm: Walk the dog again, then figure out what to do for dinner. Eat dinner.

8:00pm – 9pm: Walk the dog again. Depending on my creative energy level, I’ll organize, cull and label photographs, work on something less challenging or watch a film. I go to sleep after the story ends.