Pucker Up 1

Pucker Urban Farm is a lush boutique farm tucked into the hills of San Juan Capistrano. We grow certified organic lemons, with which we have created a beverage more fresh and resourceful than one can imagine. Our signature product is Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon Shot – a drink that uses the peel, pith, seeds and pulp from our locally grown lemons. They are picked fresh from the orchard and processed on-site, without sugar or preservatives, to ensure that there is nothing between you and the goodness of nature. Squeezing the juice from a lemon doesn’t encapsulate the nutritional richness, because in truth the majority of health benefits in lemons are found in the peel, pith and seeds. 

Consider the peel first. This gorgeous and aromatic outer layer contains 5-10 times more vitamins than the juice. Through the process by which we break down the entire lemon after it’s washed, we’re able to give you the power of nutrients like D-Limonene and Pectin. D-Limonene is an oil, found in the peel, that’s a known fat cleanser, detoxifier, and effective at dissolving gallstones and kidney stones. Pectin is an extremely important soluble fiber found in both the peel and pulp of lemons. It’s known to aid in proper digestion, lower cholesterol, and slow the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars. These two nutrients alone should act as fantastic nutritional aid for people with diabetes, excess weight, inflammation and digestive issues.

That is  the difference between traditional juice and our lemon shot: we don’t let any nutrient go un-consumed. Why? Because we believe that you aren’t just “what you eat”, but instead, you are what you eat, digest, assimilate, absorb and utilize. To take a holistic approach to your nutrition, contact us on puckerurbanfarm.com, where you can order your Mrs. Pucker’s Lemon Shot!(TM)