Infrared Light Therapy 1

Not Just Another Light

Come and see for yourself

Unlike many alternative treatments, red light therapy is completely safe, non-evasive and has no side effects. It is FDA approved. Out of numerous studies, which have been done, NASA is responsible for most of the funding. In many of their findings, they have discovered many amazing benefits that are specially derived from Infrared Lights also known as LED’s.

Red Light Therapy provides Healthy energy to our human cells which aid in calming Oxidative Stress and promotes better cell turnover to our face, body and mitochondria.

It simply and powerfully creates natural healing and rejuvenation to our overall mind, body and face with a specific and strong range of 3 different lights, red, infrared and near infrared which delivers energy at a higher rate than the sun (without harmful UV rays.) As you relax and bathe in this warm and calming full body and face light, expect to feel one or more benefits listed below. Hope to see you soon.

+ Reboots Collagen and Elasticity

Smoothes Fine lines and Wrinkles

Tones and Tightens Skin

+ Mood Enhancement

+ Brightens the skin

+ Promotes Weight loss and Inches

+ Reduces Cellulite

+ Aides with Acne and Acne Scarring

+ Relaxing and Calming

Red Light Therapy is available at Social Butterfly Beautique in San Clemente