Shoreline Dental Gives Dental Services to Veterans

On November 10, 2018, Dr.’s Kristen and Cory Ritzau of Shoreline Dental, spent a day gifting dental services to veterans.

“We realize that a lot of our veterans don’t have access to regular medical care,” says Kristen Ritzau, when asked what inspired the event.

They hosted the day with Smiles For Freedom, a non-profit that was founded two years ago by a dental office in Moreno, Nevada. The Ritzau’s found out about Smiles for Freedom’s annual veteran-focused charity event, and knew it was the perfect service to bring to San Clemente.

In the ’50’s, Kristen’s grandparents moved here from the Midwest, when her grandfather was stationed at Camp Pendleton.

On the day of, 25 veterans ranging in age from 24-90 years old were able to receive completely free dental care. Kristen and Cory, their entire 14 person staff, and Phillip Kim of Paramount Dental Studio volunteered their time and skills to donate several thousand dollars worth of dental care. Dr. Kim, who’s also a marine corps veteran, was able to provide restorations like crowns, fillings, etc. It allowed them to provide comprehensive dental services to those who showed up. It was a successful event and an incredible show of gratitude to those who’ve served this country.