Q & A With Local Surf Phenom Hayden Rodgers 5

Hayden Talks Surf & San Clemente

Recently, we had the pleasure to meet up-and-coming surf phenoms, 11 yr old Hayden Rodgers and his brother, 15 yr old Nolan, along with their wonderful mother, Stacy. They invited us into their home to talk one-on-one with Hayden and get his thoughts on surfing and hobbies, and to find out what he likes best about San Clemente.     

How did you get started surfing? My dad used to push me in on a Wavestorm, like probably four years ago when 
I was seven, and he would have me stand up, and then push me into a wave when I was already standing up.

Whats your dad’s name? Jerry.   

What do you think the best part of surfing is? Probably getting barreled is the best part of surfing.

Are there any worst parts? I think the worst part of surfing for me is usually walking out on a reef and slipping. 
Like walking out at Lowers and slipping on the rocks.

What are your future plans for surfing? Do you have any right now, 
or just kind of enjoying the ride? Well I really don’t know right now.

Just enjoying it? Yeah.

Who are some of your favorite surfers? My favorite surfers are probably Clay Marzo, 
Julian Wilson and John John Florence.

Any particular reason you like those surfers? I like Clay Marzo because he like does these crazy airs 
and lay-backs, and so does John John.

Where do you like to surf here in town? Well I mainly like to surf Lowers.

Anywhere else you surf? Sometimes I surf Beach-House and Rivie.

Where is your favorite place to surf worldwide? Probably Bingin, in Bali.

So where’s the gnarliest place you’ve ever surfed? Gnarliest place I’ve ever surfed was probably Cloudbreak or Sunset.

How big was it at Sunset? The sets on the outside were like 15 feet.

And how big was it at Cloudbreak? The sets were probably like 15 – 18 feet.

That’s pretty hairy! Yeah. I’ve had the opportunity go to the Volcom House a few times on the North Shore of Oahu and train with Jason Shibata and Riddle. They are Volcom Hawaiian Coaches. They’ve taken me out at Sunset and Pipeline and taught me where to sit.

Who are your sponsors? Volcom, Rumaner Surfboards, Electric Eyeware, Shade Sunscreen, Banzai Bowls and Laguna Surf & Sport.

How was your recent trip to Bali with Team Volcom? Super good. We got to surf different parts of the island. One day we went to our guide Muklas’s house for a day on another part of the island. He’s sponsored by Volcom and surfs, and we got to surf those different waves for like two days.

Besides surfing, what else do you like to do? I like to 
skateboard, snowboard, mountain bike and I love to fish.

What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever caught? I haven’t really gone fishing for bigger fish. The biggest fish was probably a three-and-a-half to four pound Spotted Bay Bass.

Do you have any favorite subjects in school? Probably math.

What is your favorite animal? The sea turtle.

Have you ever seen one out in the water? Yeah, I saw one yesterday at Lowers, and I’ve seen them in Hawaii every time I go.

Do you have any pets? Yes, two French Bulldogs named Boss and Duke. Duke is nice, but Boss is a little crazy with strangers, whose nicknamed ‘The Demon’ or ‘Devil Dog’.

Where are some of your favorite places to eat 
around town? My favorites are Bagel Shack, Biggie’s Burgers, 
Sancho’s Tacos and Banzai Bowls.

Do you have any brothers or sisters that surf? I have one brother Nolan who’s 15 and is also sponsored by Volcom.

What do you like best about living in San Clemente? 
Probably that we can just ride our bikes down to Lowers.