October 2017 Lifestyle Letter

“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.”
-Frank Sinatra

Drift into October’s issue with a story about a San Clemente couple who’ve created a charming distillery here in town, crafting some truly remarkable spirits. Also spotlighted is another phenomenal local company, KonaRed, who’s been producing a delicious Coffee-Berry juice and wonderful Ice-Brewed coffees since 2009. These two companies have collaborated to make a fantastic signature cocktail tabbed Red-Tide, which was unveiled at the inaugural Celebration of San Clemente Lifestyle party, held at the quaint, and local-artist friendly, OC Contemporary Gallery this past August.

There is no more innate pairing in the world than beer and the coffee bean. Beer and coffee are each aroma-driven, and each is a common part of many people’s daily lives. The deep roasted flavors of dark beers impart themselves fittingly to the beautiful, black bitterness of coffee. With this being the most apt month for a good brew or two, we’ve featured the story of the welcoming Lost Winds Brewery, along with the tale of the warmhearted Bear Coast Coffee. These two local businesses have also teamed up to concoct a fantastic tasting Imperial Porter coffee beer christened Lost my Bearings.
Without question, the greatest part of being associated with San Clemente Lifestyle Magazine is all the wonderful people we’ve had the pleasure to meet. As human beings, our lives are enriched by the connection to people, whether that be family, friends, people in the community, or around the world. The story in this month’s issue titled ‘Big Vision With a Small Focus,’ is absolutely heartwarming. The Pickle family, and everyone involved with their organization in Tanzania, either directly or indirectly, are to be commended for their intention, love, and gracious spiritual nature. Thank you!
And Thank You, San Clemente, for being You! A class act.