One Town One Team 2

The Hartanovs Continue Legacy of Community Support

In 2016, after three years of being in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) finals, the San Clemente High School varsity football team clenched the CIF State Title. The San Clemente community was ecstatic about the achievement and held a homecoming parade for the team. This celebratory community spirit is part of what inspired Jaime Ortiz, also known as Coach Ortiz – long-time football coach at SCHS – to create the “One Town One Team” slogan and hashtag.

“I’ve been able to witness how special San Clemente is,” says Coach Ortiz.

For example, many people show up at games who don’t have kids at the school. Ortiz says it’s cool to be part of a place where people really wrap their arms around the city. He recognizes this community spirit as being a key supporting factor for the football team. To make the type of team SCHS had at the 2016 CIF State Finals, he says it takes parents who want to give their kids a good experience, good coaches, unselfish players and community support.

“It takes a village,” he says.

Supporters like the Hartanov families are part of that village. It’s not only their financial support that makes a difference, but their presence. Local residents for many years, the Hartanovs are a big family. Matthew and Elicia Hartanov have four children, and so do Jason and Jessica Hartanov.


Linda is the mother and grandmother, and her late husband, Drew Hartanov was a strong supporter of the SCHS football program. Ortiz appreciates how The Hartanovs have continued Drew’s legacy of love and support for the high school.

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay area, Drew played high school football in the town of Orinda, and when the family relocated to San Clemente in 1985, he passed his love of the sport on to his sons. Naturally, Matt and Jason joined the SCHS football team. Jason met his now wife Jessica, who was a cheerleader for the school at the time.

After working in corporate America for 30 years, Drew became interested in real estate and wondered why people in the business were not using the internet. When he and Linda started The Hartanov Team in 2000, he became a trailblazer and created a website leveraging real estate on the internet. Linda fondly recounts the beginning stages with her husband and says he was ahead of his time. She says he was an innovator.

Elicia and Jessica joined The Hartanov Team as realtors and helped to keep the legacy going.

“It’s easy for people to fall 
in love with San Clemente,” 
says Elicia, “and it’s easy to 
help people move into the 
community because of 
how much we love San Clemente.”

Thanks also in part to the help of Jason, the fruit of Drew’s labor is still going strong today. After Drew passed away in 2015 from cancer, Jason stepped in to help the team with technology and strategy.

Linda says when she and Drew started doing real estate, it made sense for them to support the high school and its programs. Because of The Hartanov Team’s success, they were able to take a lead sponsorship role for the football program. Also, aside from the financial aspect, Drew and Linda’s son, Matt supported the freshman football team by volunteering as a coach alongside friend, fellow alumni and teacher, Doug Dill.

All of Linda’s grandchildren have graduated from, are currently attending or will attend SCHS. Matt and Elicia’s son, Dylan plays lacrosse and is part of Eagle Scouts, and their oldest daughter, Sara was a cheerleader before she graduated. Elicia says with all four of her children attending the school, it will be a 14-year stretch, total. Jason and Jessica’s daughters, Emma and Grace are currently cheerleaders as well.

Though the Hartanovs are tightly linked to the high school at a personal level, that’s not the only reason they are supporters.

“It’s a big financial obligation,” says Elicia, “but we have chosen to do it because we reap the rewards from the sense of community that comes from it.”

The Hartanovs encourage other families and businesses to get involved with the school as well.