What is Your Focus On? 1

Like Attracts Like

Where your attention goes, energy flows. What you focus on attracts what you focus on. Like attracts like. The universal law of attraction is always working. It works just like the law of gravity or the law of electricity. It works in tandem with our focus, and when our focus is on the wrong stuff, that is what we are bringing into our awareness – we don’t even realize it.

I’ll give you an example. Last summer half of my husband’s lights blew out on his art booth. He is an oil painter and will be exhibiting this summer in Laguna Beach at the Festival of Arts. For about thirty minutes he fiddled with the lights, changed the bulbs, tinkered around and even, called the engineering guy. But, it seemed that no matter what he did, he couldn’t get the light to come back on to illuminate his art.

I tried a little experiment with him. I said, “Let’s focus on the lights that do work. Let’s look at their illumination and how beautifully they light up the art.” So, for about five minutes we paid attention to the lights on the booth that were working. We shifted our focus off of the ones that did not work. We admired the working lights, we felt gratitude for them, and we recognized how beautifully they were making the art look. We appreciated them. I’d even go so far as to say we were giving them love. Remember it’s an energetic universe!

Literally within five minutes – LIGHT came back on through the lamps that were not working! Coincidence? I don’t think so, but you can think what you want. Even the engineering guy was stumped. He just shrugged his shoulders, got off his ladder, looked at us and said, “I don’t know”. We giggled!

When we want to manifest something into our life, we must focus on what it is we are trying to attract. People get confused, and they start thinking “I want more money…I want more money….I want more money” and what do they get? They get “THE WANTING OF MORE MONEY” Rather than focusing on the money they already have with love and gratitude and appreciation. When trying to attract abundance with an ease that must be the active vibration you are sending out.

This is a powerful concept in the law of attraction. To make absent the cold, we need to focus on the heat. To make absent the dark, focus on the light. Fear is to be replaced with ideas of faith. Thoughts of illness replaced with thoughts of health. Transform the thoughts that are weeds choking out whatever it is you are trying to grow, and those weeds are going to naturally die off by themselves.

You can never stop thinking. You can only direct your thinking. And, you get to choose the thoughts you invest your energy in. A great strategy is to become aware of the negative thoughts and Interrupt them before they take hold. Then, replace them with a vision of what you do want. Stop investing energy on the negative aspects of what you don’t want. What are you placing your focus on?

“As a transformational difference maker, I am passionate about inspiring people to take the inward journey. I help people decide from their heart, what brings them total joy and then teach them how to dream it up into physical world reality. My personal mission is raising the vibration on the planet, one soul at a time.”