Dress Your Spirit 1

Dress your spirit, not your age. So many factors play a role in deciding what is appropriate to wear, at what age. It has so much to do with the individual. If you want to play it safe, “BAPS” is a style guide, that is mostly common sense.

• Balance: Tight on top, loose on the bottom. Loose on top, 
tight on the bottom.

• Add On: A scarf, vest or jacket always completes an outfit

• Peek-A-Boo: if you’re showing off your cleavage, do not show 
off your legs and vice versa.

• Spotlight: Let one item be the main attention grabber, 
while everything else you’re wearing plays a supporting role.

Although BAPS is a safe road to travel, I encourage you to throw caution to the wind. Don’t always play it safe. Dressing your spirit is about expressing yourself through style and nurturing your style evolution through adventure and creativity.

Our clothes should be a source of happiness. So why is getting dressed often a sore subject, and why are so many stuck in a style rut? Sure we care what other’s think, but here’s the real reason why.

In 15 years of dressing thousands of women, one thing has been consistent; Regardless of body type & age, we all have an inner bully to contend with. A loud mouth bully that pokes at all the unimportant details.

Somehow bullying ourselves has become acceptable. Decide today, to conquer your inner bully! Don’t spend too much time in the mirror. Wear things that speak to your personality. Try on things that you would never think you’d wear.

Focus on what you do like about yourself and otherwise move on to the important things in your life. Give yourself permission to be human, to enjoy your uniqueness and embark on a journey of self-expression and self-love. When we love

Ourselves, we radiate love, it spills into all areas of our lives. We become more than we thought we could be. We all have a tendency to get stuck in our self-constructed box. My advice is to try on as many things as you can because

you’ll be surprised what grows on you, and how much your spirit will grow in return. Explore, stretch your boundaries, nurture your creativity and most important, have fun.

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