Q & A with Local Grom Hagan Johnson 3

Interview with Local Grom

Local surf prodigy 14 yr old Hagan 
Johnson is about to leave for Bail to surf Padang Padang with team Volcom. 
We spoke with him about his surf career, school, favorite places to eat and surf.

Rich: How far do you want to take your surfing career?
Hagan: I’m going to try to qualify for the WSL at around 17 to 20 yrs old, then World Champion.

Rich: Who is your favorite Pro surfer, and why?
Hagan: Kolohe Andino, he’s fast and super powerful, Kelly Salter and Matt Archibald, he has a really good style.

Rich: Where is your favorite surf spot around the world?    
Hagan: Lakey Peak, Sumbawa Indonesia. I had only been there once about two years ago. It was the best trip ever!

Rich: Where do you surf most of the time around town?
Hagan: Lowers, T-Street and all the spots in between.

Rich: Where’s the gnarliest place you’ve ever surfed?
Hagan: Sunset Beach Hawaii. It was like 15-20’on the sets. It was really sketchy, but really fun also.

Rich: Besides surfing, what do you like to do?
Hagan: I like to golf, skate, fish and snowboard.

Rich: Do you have any favorite subjects in school?
Hagan: Yeah! English, History and Science I like a lot also because you get to experiment with all the stuff.

Rich: Who are all of your sponsors?
Hagan: Volcom, Rumaner Surfboards, DVS Shoes, Cyber Wetsuits from Japan, Melon Headwear, Surface Sunscreen, Syck Trix, DSC Performance.

Rich: Do you have any pets?
Hagan: Yes, I have two Bengal cats and two anole lizards.

Rich: Today is your last day of school and your about to leave for Bali. How stoked are you about the trip?
Hagan: Super Stoked! I’ve never surfed Padang Padang, so I’m really happy.

Rich: Do you have any brothers or sisters that surf?
Hagan: Yes, I have a little sister Hana who’s 10.

Rich: Is she going to start competing?
Hagan: Yeah, she’s already started a few comp’s, she’s getting pretty good, already made a few finals.

Rich: Who got you started into surfing, and at what age?
Hagan: My Dad Derek. I was like one or two years old and started surfing my dads skimboard and McElroy longboard on Lake Tahoe’s wind swell waves.
Rich: Do you have a favorite place in town you like to eat?
Hagan: I like South of Nick’s, Hapa J’s and Fisherman’s.

Rich: What motivated you to start surfing competitively?
Hagan: I just started contests, got a little better at them, then I maybe won a few and just kept wanting to do it because it was really fun.