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San Clemente Cookie Dough Co.

Four years ago, Mike and Lisa Dove were on a mission to help their daughter. The teenager had been struggling with skin issues throughout high school and was encouraged to try out a gluten free diet. As she prepared to leave for college, she realized it would be too expensive to enjoy sweet treats that were also gluten free. Mike and Lisa decided to create something of their own, and the idea to make gluten free cookie dough was born.

The Doves didn’t realize how challenging the process would be. They simply set out on the adventure and started playing around with different gluten free flours. As they tried different mixes, they began to come up with ingredients that worked. Mike says once they got going, they wondered if they could make the dough without eggs and butter.

Refining the recipe took a lot of work and time, and Mike admits they grew tired at times, but they kept at it. As they developed the recipes, people were responding well to the cookie dough. Mike realized they could have a business and thought the grassroots, beachy vibe of San Clemente would be the perfect environment to do so.

Three years ago, after a long journey proving to the health department the cookie dough did not need to be refrigerated, the Doves got authorization to use their labels, which allowed them to officially become San Clemente Cookie Dough Co.

Since that time, they have continued to tweak their recipes. Mike says they realized the cookie dough was already so healthy; they may as well go organic. The Doves have spent a lot of time researching ingredients and use the best they can find. Since becoming official, they have also built their own commercial kitchen and started to distribute their cookie dough to different markets.

Mike says he and Lisa would eventually like to open up a cookie scoop shop in San Clemente. For now, you can buy their delicious, organic cookie dough at Hanson’s Market or online at Currently, flavors you can choose from are “Riviera’s Chocolate Chip” and “Churches Brownie.”