The Evolved Man

The Gift of Being Funny

The definition of the word Evolved: to develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form. To arise or transform through evolutionary processes.

I am so grateful to be in an incredible marriage and relationship with someone whom I consider evolved. He is respectful, loving, generous, kind, funny and soulful. He’s a thinker. He takes information in and ponders it before jumping to a conclusion about anything. He is gentle and caring. Spiritually attuned, supportive, compassionate and creative. Lucky me. But that’s only my definition of an evolved man.

But, I thought that before I made broad assumptions on the qualities of an Evolved Man, I should probably ask a few women what they think. I posted a survey on Facebook asking women for the top five qualities they believed defined an Evolved Man.

Collectively, the number one most popular quality was Humor. Being funny.

This reminds me of my husband’s match profile, which is where we met. In it he wrote, “My most marketable asset is humor. So you’d better like shoot-the-milk-out-your-nose laughing or the deal’s off”. This not only made me really laugh out loud, and he has delivered as advertised, but it also reminds me of my father who would get laughing with us kids and do just that with milk out of his nose. Oh, it used to get my mom pissed!

Learning that humor is the number one quality women are seeking makes perfect sense. 
We want to feel good about and within ourselves. We want to feel lighter, more expansive, more joyful. We want to be present in the NOW moments of life, and humor invokes all of these qualities. Ultimately, the experience of feeling good raises our consciousness. What the world needs is a lot more feeling good.

In my teachings as a coach, I encourage my clients to follow their joy – which is a vibrational equivalent of playful laughter. The purpose of reaching for what brings us joy is that it vibrationally puts us into what Abraham calls ‘The Vortex’. The Vortex is that vibrational state of being where we are able to rendezvous with the perfect health, well-being and the physical manifestations of our heart’s desire. It allows us to be more of our authentic selves. When we follow our joy, our laughter, we are naturally led to who we truly are. Divine love – be it masculine or feminine.

We all want to be uplifted.

Could that be what it’s all about? That we simply want to feel good about ourselves? To lighten up?

What makes you happy? What makes you come alive? What makes your heart sing? What lifts you up? What makes you laugh? You don’t need an evolved man (or woman) in your life to have these things. Yet, they will likely show up when you are there yourself.

The other four top qualities from the women we surveyed are: generous, compassionate, loving, and adventurous.

This is really about our collective evolution. Not just men, but every human being on this sweet earth. Most of us are so often ruled by our egos, by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs of safety and security, by the foolish misbeliefs that keep us trapped in a limited life. Allowing ourselves to be the lightness and love that we naturally are is the path of awakening. The gradual development (or what I would call the gradual revealing) of the Authentic Self. It touches our infinite nature. The part of us that is connected to All That Is. That space within us is pure joy and upliftment.

As I think about ways in which our world will move forward, how it can evolve, it is in residing in that space where humor takes us. It momentarily frees us of our troubles, our challenges, our struggles. And when we are in joyful laughter we can just float up, like the proverbial balloon.

The Dalai Lama, whom I consider to be one of the most evolved men on the planet today, in his book, My Spiritual Journey, refers to himself as a self-proclaimed “professional laugher”.

I acknowledge the evolved men in our life that can bring humor into their life experience. Not only for themselves but for the people they interact with and for the healing of the world. You help us float up to that higher place. To the upper atmosphere where all of the love, peace, joy, health and abundance that we all desire resides.