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San Clemente Surfboard Shapers


This June marks 30 years of residence in San Clemente for Matt Biolos, and he’s been shaping surfboards just as long. Biolos started shaping boards in Capo Beach, working for the likes of Ron House, Herbie Fletcher, Jim Nudo and Tom “Suds” Sutherland, back in the summer of 1987. Before that, he was influenced by others like Randy Sleigh, Timmy Patterson, Rick Rock, Chris Santley, Jim Fuller and Chris McElroy.

He is currently co-owner, shaper and designer at Lost Surfboards by Mayhem and you can find his boards at one of two Catalyst retail stores in San Clemente. If you visit Catalyst at 124 S. El Camino Real, you’ll find the world’s largest selection of Lost surfboards, apparel and accessories. There is also a factory outlet in North Beach at 1755 N. El Camino Real that features a selection of used boards, trade in team boards, factory blems and other marked down items.

Long-time San Clemente local, Biolos says he likes how El Camino Real and the Del Mar area still have a small-town feel. He likes the weather and the summer south swells. He enjoys Trestles, the beach breaks and the classic San O surf culture. He says San Clemente is a mecca of surfing and California surf culture, which boosts business for the community as well.

When it comes to his favorite spot to surf, “Lowers,” Biolos says, “…of course.”



Timmy Patterson has been shaping surfboards for more than 35 years. T. Patterson Surfboards was founded in 1980 and is newly located at 1407 N. El Camino Real in North Beach. Before opening his shop, Timmy shaped boards at Hobie in Dana Point, and learned from guys like Dale Velzy, Chris McElroy, Mickey Munoz and Terry Martin. He was also influenced and inspired by Terry Senate, Phill Edwards, Randy Sleigh, and Ben Aipa.

Timmy’s involvement in the surf industry dates back farther than his time at Hobie, however. His father, Ronald Patterson and uncles, Robert and Raymond Patterson got involved in the industry in the 1950’s. Known as a family of legends, the Pattersons have a rich history with surfing and shaping. Check out the website for more information on their history at

Whether you’re looking for a fast shortboard, competition longboard, classic longboard, fish/pig, hybrid or egg, your board is in good hands with Timmy. He’s been entrusted by many surfers over the years, including professionals, and is dedicated to continuously applying his knowledge, skill, feedback and research to produce the best surfboards on the market.

In more recent years, Timmy has been broadening his reach by taking his shaping skills around the world. He’s been working with top surfers around the world in places like Hawaii, Bali, Portugal, Brazil and Peru to create the best surfboard for each and every type of surfing experience and wave.

His business-home-base in North Beach is just steps away from the ocean and some of San Clemente’s surf spots, such as 204’s. It’s unclear where Timmy’s favorite spot to surf in San Clemente is. When asked about his favorite spot, he wouldn’t comment. Perhaps it’s best left to the imagination.



Eric Rumaner has been building surfboards since 1987. He says as a kid; he couldn’t afford to buy a lot of boards, so he got really good at doing ding repairs. One day, while he was buying resin, he saw some Clark foam for sale and he was hooked from that moment on.

He logged many trial and error hours which eventually led him to San Clemente to shape boards. He started out shaping with Chris McElroy and Randy Sleigh and then landed a job with Timmy Patterson. He says he got most of his shaping skills through working with Patterson, and still uses those skills today.

Rumaner is currently a shaper for Basham’s Factory and Surfshop in North Beach. He has a full rack of Rumaner Surfboards at the shop, and you can also place custom orders. The shop is located at 213 Calle De Los Molinos. You can even make an appointment with Rumaner online at to chat about your dream board. He says he mostly shapes high-performance competition boards, but he also shapes anything that can be dreamed up.

When he has time, Rumaner prefers to surf at Lowers, but he often ends up surfing at T-Street. He says elsewhere in the world; he loves surfing in Indonesia. His home since 1995, he loves everything about San Clemente.

“It’s the best climate in America!” Rumaner says.

He also loves the consistent surf, good people, and small-town feel.



Reid Lingenfelter got his start making surfboards about seven years ago, by sweeping the floors and wiping down boards at the renowned Waterman’s Guild in Santa Ana. While there, he worked hard and eventually got trained in sanding and polishing boards. Gaining inspiration not only from his father, Ron Lingenfelter who managed the shop at the time, but from the likes of Bruce Jones and Jed Noll, he took his love of art and surfing and put his hard work to use shaping surfboards.

Currently, Reid shapes boards at Loner Surf Club at 1607 Calle Lago in North Beach, which is owned by Ron. With their combined experience and passion for surfboards, the father-son duo decided to open the shop in 2014.

Under his label, ARCHAiC, Reid specializes in long, fish and finless boards. He says with those three boards; you can have fun on any given day at either of his favorite spots to surf in San Clemente, which are Church and San O.  The long board is geared for riding on the nose and hanging ten, while the fish, says Reid, is designed for a fast and radical ride. The finless board is a newer concept he has been exploring the last couple of years.

Reid loves Church and San O because of their consistent good waves, good vibes and good surf community. About San Clemente as a whole, he says he loves how it’s such a cool, tight community.

“Everyone knows everyone,” says Reid, “and there’s a small-town, homey vibe.”