Trevor's Dream Bedroom Revealed 6

Trevor Salman, 
Recipient of Special Spaces 
Orange County Bedroom Remodel

Trevor Salman was the most recent recipient of a Special Spaces Orange County dream bedroom remodel. Trevor was diagnosed with leukemia last September and was selected to receive a remodel by the Special Spaces team. The remodel took place the weekend of March 11-12, and the reveal happened on Sunday, March 12. Along with the Special Spaces OC team, students from the San Clemente High School Special Spaces Club worked together to assemble furniture, paint, create signs and prepare food for the event. There were also volunteers from Lion Heart Club Organization, and other volunteers who helped make the event a success.

Through conversations with Trevor about his interests and dreams, director of Special Spaces Orange County, Paula Oblen and her team decided to base the bedroom remodel around a music and surfing theme. In one corner of the room hangs a photograph of Kelly Slater surfing a wave, as well as a brand new acoustic guitar. The team also took a keyboard Salman had sitting on his dresser and turned it into a combination desk/keyboard so he could do homework or play piano all in one spot.

The Special Spaces team got supplies from Closet World to redo Salman’s closet and to install a Murphy bed so he could utilize that space for multiple purposes such as hanging out and playing music with friends. RECwood donated wood panels the team used to redo his ceiling. Oblen says the team used creative and smart design to transform the room into a place where Salman could get multiple uses out of a single space. The desk/keyboard piece was custom-designed and built by the team.

On the day of the reveal, nearly 150 people lined the cul-de-sac of the Salman home. Trevor says the experience was exciting for him. His mother, Dawn Salman says it was a little overwhelming. She says it blew her mind how many people worked together to make the remodel a reality. The family had spent the weekend out of town, and when they came home for the reveal, she says it was neat to see how many people showed up to welcome her son to his new bedroom. Trevor says it was nice to know so many people were willing to do that for him.

“It made me feel important to people,” he says, “and it made me feel good about myself.”

Trevor was pleased about the way the room turned out. When he was in the hospital, he got more into playing music. He had already been playing piano beforehand but got more into it while in the hospital. He also picked up playing guitar while he was there. Music is something he could focus on to carry him through while undergoing chemotherapy. He says now, when he walks into his room, he’s motivated to keep playing.

Oblen says the Special Spaces team understood how important music was to Trevor in his journey with leukemia. Another piece of the remodel was a framed quote by his favorite musician, John Bellion: “Maybe I don’t know and maybe that’s ok.”

Trevor went through four rounds of chemotherapy. After the first round, the cancer went into full remission. He’s been out of the hospital for about two months now and says it’s nice to be going back to school and to have everything go back to normal. Even though there’s a chance the cancer will return, the Salmans say there are a lot of factors that play into it and a lot of those factors are in Trevor’s favor. Dawn says she has faith this is something the family went through for a reason, and she’s thankful for the support of Trevor’s doctors and nurses. She also thanks God for where they are now, and she recognizes how important it is to have the support of others.

“We need people.” she says. “It made a huge difference knowing that people were thinking of and praying for us.”

Oblen, the Special Spaces Orange County team, the San Clemente High School Special Spaces Club members and the rest of the volunteers who pitched in to make Trevor’s dream bedroom become a reality made a difference as well. Dawn and Trevor are grateful for all the support and efforts that went into the remodel.

Trevor is happy with his new room and says there’s a welcoming, exciting and motivating vibe every time he walks in.