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Beer Tasting Guide

Beer Name: Asylum

Brewery: Left Coast

Style: Belgian Tripel

What’s the flavor: Honey, cherry, mahogany

Aroma: Honey and tart apple

Would taste best with: Tripel beers and basil go together like peas and carrots…or something to that effect. Try a pesto pizza with the Asylum. You’ll find that the carbonated and sweet hops of this beer cut through any creamy and cheesy dish while merging with vegetables mixed in. This hoppy delight will also play nicely with a spicier dish such as a peppery cioppino or arabiatta sauce.

Overall: This brew is tantalizingly sweet to the taste with a hoppy and carbonated edge—enough to leave your mouth tingling with satisfaction. It boasts a sweetness that is perfectly balanced with hops and tart flavors.

Price: $4, $11, $18

ABV: 11.8%

Appearance: Hazy golden and dusty hazel.  3 /6

Hop Ranking: 4/6

Final Comments: Left Coast offers a cozy atmosphere with a surfy vibe. Tucked away in what appears to be an industrial area, this space is a great alternative to the downtown drag. Bring a few friends and ask for a flight; they have board games.

Beer Name: Unicorn Juice

Brewery: Artifex

Style: American wheat with passion fruit

What’s the flavor: Passion fruit, honeydew melon

Aroma: tropical and nectarous

Would taste best with: This magical Unicorn Juice is so palatable that it would almost pair with anything. Almost. If you want to really awaken the powers within this forbidden elixir, think pan-seared chicken, light colored cheeses and anything with lemon. The flavors within this beer are so unique, that it stands on its own quite nicely.

Overall: They say don’t drink the Unicorn Juice—oh wait that’s cool aid. Nevermind, this spellbinding beer is so herbaceous and light, it will leave your palate soaring on cloud 9. This is definitely what we’d call a patio beer, you could drink it all day in the sunshine.

Price: $2, $4, $5.5

ABV: 5.5%

Appearance: Banana yellow mixed and golden sunshine 2/6

Hop Ranking: 2/6

Final Comments: Artifex is very, well, artsy. It has a very out on the town feel, even though this brewery is also located in what looks to be an industrial or business zone. With lights strung across an open concept patio and a mural on the wall by the bar of beer being poured into a person’s mouth, you can see that Artifex holds true to its name. The beer tenders are personable and excited about the taps. They also serve chips and salsa from El Nopalito which is a huge bonus, huge.