And The Winner Is? 3

The Orangetheory Fitness 6 Week Challenge

If you’re looking for a way to increase your fitness and health in a fun environment, Orangetheory Fitness can help. If you’re looking for a program to help you “Be the best version of you,” the Orangtheory Fitness 6 Week Challenge is the way to go.

Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) a nationwide corporation of fitness studios specializing in 60-minute heart rate monitored high-intensity workout programs. Opening less than two years ago, OTF San Clemente has quickly gained popularity amongst locals. Many people have already taken on the 6 Week Challenge.

With the help of OTF’s dedicated coaches, members participating in the challenge undergo six weeks of heart-rate based High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at least three days per week to be their best selves and win. HIIT is a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. With weigh-ins pre, mid and post-challenge, members are competing to see who can lose the highest body weight percentage by the end of the six weeks.

In a group fitness setting of up to 26 people, members spend the first half of their session on the treadmill, working to achieve Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). Referred to as the afterburn by Orangetheory, this is achieved through a workout meant to maintain a target heart rate zone, known as the orange zone, which increases energy and boosts metabolism. Ideally, members can burn anywhere from 500-1000 calories during this time, and continue to burn additional calories for up to 36 hours post-workout.

The second half of the workout is spent on the use of machines like rowers, the use of weights such as body weights, free weights, and weight benches, and the use of resistance exercises such as burpees and push-ups.

The owner of OTF San Clemente, Dusty Dial, stresses the importance of members maintaining healthy eating habits as well. Dial says it’s ideal for them to focus on eating locally grown, organic foods. When at all possible, he recommends they eat grass-fed meat and free range poultry. He also advises members to steer clear of processed foods. Ultimately, the combination of cleaner eating and the 6 Week Challenge workouts is going to produce the greatest results.

The winners of the most recent 6 Week Challenge, one male and one female, were chosen on February 27, 2017. Bill Ammerman was the male winner with a total weight loss of 18.1 lbs., which was a total loss of 10.2% from his original body weight. Jennifer Albert was the female winner with a total weight loss of 20.7 lbs., which was a total loss of 11.8% from her original body weight.

Testimonies from the winners: “OTF and the Weight Loss Challenge for me is a way to spend more quality time with my family. Before I started working out and eating right, I would struggle to keep up with my kids. They’ve got the energy to burn and want to go out and surf, play football, karate, etc. Now I’m the one dragging them outside, into the water and on the field. I do most of the cooking at the house, and since I’ve started working out regularly, we all eat healthy food now, and I can see a difference in all of us. I plan to continue working out five days a week at OTF, eating clean, and I’m looking forward to a high quality of life heading into my 50’s. Thanks for the Push!” -Bill Ammerman

“In August 2016, I started at three times a week and with my husband was able to refocus and make my workouts a priority. For the Weight Loss Challenge I upped my workouts to five-six times a week. I didn’t realize it until I looked back on notes that I had taken over the past year, but I’ve been battling an extra 40 plus pounds longer than I had thought. Because of Orangetheory Fitness San Clemente and what it has done for me, I am over the moon right now!” -Jennifer Albert