Creating a Space You Love

I am so grateful to consider my house a sanctuary. My space is serene and beautiful and contemplative. It’s quiet. There are fountains and flowers and birds outside all my windows which are usually kept open, allowing the beauty of nature to unfold itself into the lifestyle of my home. I consider my living space sacred. It is my respite—the place I retreat to when I need safety and nurturing and peace. It supports and rejuvenates me. It inspires and provides me with that tender comfort we seek when we need to be recharged. My home is so peaceful and provides such retreat that sometimes it makes it hard to even go on vacation.

When I consider something sacred, for me it means regarding it with reverence. Connected to a higher power and immune from interference. Worthy of protection. In considering how and why I created this incredible, tranquil, sacred space sanctuary, I share this list.

The Heartbeat of my Home – I am fortunate enough to have a great room in which my wide-open kitchen, dining room and living room are all centered around a big island with an entire wall of windows exposing the beauty of the canyon behind my house. Having this open space creates the feeling of togetherness and connectedness. Where memories are created and lives are shared. It is my center.

Five Sensory Experience – Aside from the collection of beautiful things, including the magic realism of Paul Bond, I ensure all the senses are stimulated in my home sanctuary. In my office, a fragrant diffuser provides the essence of clarity with a mixture of cedarwood, wild orange and lavender. Candles give off pockets of gentle warmth throughout, while the trickle of fountains and song of the birds come through from the outside.

Things I Love – Be it the scrumptious high thread count on my Egyptian cotton sheets, the huge purple crystal amethyst or the way the sun pours into my bedroom window as I end my morning meditation, I only invite objects that I love into my space. If I don’t love it, it’s cause for review. Surrounding myself with these beloved things— nature, great art, inspirational music, fresh foods, crystals, things that hang, more light—brighten my spirit, lift my mood and contribute to and reflect the joy and happiness I feel in my life.

Change is Good – I love changing up the environment. For years, my great room’s center was a slouchy, overstuffed  slipcover couch. Everything around it supported that relaxed feel. Great for movies and a book, but it lacked sophistication or elegance. We changed it for a look we humorously refer to as the “opium den.” Low-back tufted seating, vibrant teal blue ottoman, a patterned shag and lamps adorned with shimmering gold jewels create the more sophisticated gallery feel we fashioned.

Meditative Moments – Being committed to my daily meditation and spiritual practice, it became important to have a special space where I could be close to the earth, grounded and comfortable while I take my inward journey each day. My altar is adorned with a tiny bell, fairy dust, bark from a tree and heart-shaped rocks. I love stacking up my boxes of divinity cards with their bright colors and vibrational energies and having a cushion positioned on the floor. I face the garden view with the ocean beyond that where I begin each day spending sacred time with myself.  This space is mine alone. It is an altar to my own soul. It is a space I love.

Our homes are the containers of the sacred hours of our lives. They are the reflections of our inner state of being. How do you want to create yours in a way that supports who you are and the lifestyle you want to experience? Perhaps you don’t know the answer to that question. Maybe you have never really given thought to how your home expresses who you are and what you value in life. Knowing yourself, your preferences, your desires and the state of being you want to manifest into your life is a great place to start.

As a professional life coach, and inspirational speaker, Donna Bond, M.A. offers inspiring workshops and transformative in-depth coaching programs that help businesses and clients achieve new heights of meaningful success, personal fulfillment and spiritual aliveness. Her work centers on serving individual transformation of consciousness. Visit for more information.