Cheers to a New Year and a New You! 1

“The first wealth is health,” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

My dad, who’s in his early 80’s said, his 60’s went by fast, and the 70’s even faster. That tells me, time is of the essence. 2017 is here, and with the New Year comes a time for healthy resolutions. And why not? With health comes happiness, because when we feel good, we’re happy.

This issue is all about health and happiness. Go out and get some fresh air, swim in the ocean, walk on the beach trail, make healthy choices at meal time. And always remember, the decisions we make have an accumulative effect, one good choice after another, as they add up, we reap the benefits.

However, the new year shouldn’t be all about physical health as it so often is. Instead, take this starting point as an opportunity to improve our emotional health, to maintain or improve the relationships in our live’s and the chance to enrich our life by getting involved in things that are important to us. When we change inside, the world around us changes. A great start is by being kind and forgiving to everything and everyone, including ourselves, at all times, without exception.

Here at Lifestyle Publications, we’re all about community. And, in 2017, we encourage you to be all about it, too!

Invest 2017 in the place you call home, with the people who make it great and the businesses that sustain it. We’ll be doing the same!

Make it a great year, San Clemente! We can’t wait to see you around.