10 Tips To Lose Weight And Keep It Off 3

#1. Drink a glass of water every morning upon rising.

Distilled water, absolutely no tap water. This step activates the body’s metabolism and cleansing. Also, drink eight glasses of water each day. Have no fear about water causing you to gain weight and be bloated. The exact opposite is true. If you are overweight, you need to flush the toxins from your fat cells. Water is required for you to lose weight.

#2. Walk for at least one hour, every day, nonstop.

Research shows that slow, rhythmic movement exercise, such as walking, resets your body’s weight set point and will help you to create a thin, lean body. Walking one hour each day will help change your body dramatically in as little as one month’s time.

#3. Do not eat after 6 p.m.

This one can be difficult to achieve. But not eating after 6 p.m. will significantly increase your ability to lose weight.

#4. Do a Candida Cleanse.

Being overweight is a sure sign you have a candida yeast overgrowth, probably throughout your entire body. Without eliminating the candida, losing weight will be hard and slow, as well as keeping it off nearly impossible. By wiping out the excess candida, losing weight will be much easier as well as your ability to keep it off. I recommend reading the book ‘Lifeforce’ it explains the Candida cleansing process.

#5. Do a colon cleanse.

Cleansing your colon will significantly increase your metabolism. Being overweight is a sign of having a slow and sluggish digestive system. If you do not have 2-3 bowel movements daily, you are constipated. By cleansing the colon you will increase your metabolism dramatically, and you can lose several pounds by removing embedded toxins. A good start is reading the book ‘Complete Colon Cleanse: The At-Home Detox Program to Restore Good Health, Boost Vitality, and Ensure Longevity’.

#6. Rebound.

A trampoline, or rebounder, will help you to strengthen and stimulate every cell in the body simultaneously. By gently jumping up and down on a rebounder for just ten minutes a day, you will boost the lymphatic system and help to increase your metabolism. This exercise is an excellent method for health and weight loss.

#7.  Take digestive enzymes.

Not having enough digestive enzymes can cause weight gain, feeling bloated, gas, indigestion and constipation. Health food stores carry several kinds; you might need to try a few to find the one that works best for you.

#8. Limit dairy products.

Try eating only raw organic products because they don’t contain growth hormones, which slow your weight loss.

#9. Eat organic apples all day.

The old saying is true, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are filled with nutrients and fiber; they also help to decrease your appetite and normalize your blood sugar. Eat at least one apple a day, the more, the better.

#10. Use raw organic apple cider vinegar.

This health tonic has magical properties which help to eliminate fat cells. Take a couple of teaspoons before each meal. Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar recommended.