Edible Christmas Traditions 7

A natural way to holiday fragrances

Living in California, especially by the beach, it’s sometimes hard to get into the holiday mood with all the beautiful warm weather we experience.

Here are some DIY ideas to make the scents in our home keep us in the holiday spirit all month long!


-Just a few squirts of Christmas Spray can immediately put you in the spirit.

Dilute the following essential oils in 1 ¼ cups of water in a glass spray bottle:

Pine – 4 drops

Mandarin – 2 drops

Cinnamon – 1 drop


-Turn your plain old white votive candles into scented centerpieces without the toxic artificial fragrances from store bought scented candles that fill the air.

Use 1 drop of essential oil placed at the base of the wick.  Use oils like Bay, Cinnamon, or Cedarwood.


-Another great idea to bring in the holiday aroma is a center piece with oranges decorated with cloves.

-When your oranges start to look a little weathered cut them in slices and place the orange slices and cloves on a baking sheet.  First blot with baking roller to get rid of excess juice then place in the oven for 3 hours at 140°C (280°F).  Use these in a bowl with a few small pine cones a couple of whole cinnamon sticks and 6 Star Anise.  Now you have Holiday Potpourri


-Infused fire logs-  What better way to perfume your home and enjoy the comfort of a crackling fire.  Put 1 drop of Sandalwood, Frankincense, Cypress, Cedarwood or Myrrh to the log.


Poo Pourri  Keep your bathroom smelling fresh for those holiday guests. With the holidays come more visitors than any other time of year.  Why not have a bottle of your very own Poo Pourri for your guest to use.  Spray onto the water in bowl before use.

4 oz spray bottle add: 2 oz. distilled water, 1 oz. Aloe Vera Concentrate, 1 oz. liquid castile soap, 25 drops Lemon essential oil, 15 drops peppermint essential oil, 12 drops Orange essential oil, 12 drops Lime essential oil.  Shake well and place in clear view for guest to use.